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Thank you for your interest in having Alison Sileo Hair review your products. This is a PR-friendly beauty blog that is always interested in featuring high quality products from a wide variety of beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands.

Please read our guidelines about product submissions and reviews

  1. If your product is selected for review, then please be advised that the turnaround time from photographing, testing, writing and posting the review can take anywhere from several weeks to months, depending on how many reviews are ahead of yours, and the length of time required to test and review those products. Skincare products typically require 4-6 weeks of testing in order to write meaningful reviews. Makeup generally requires far less time to photograph, swatch and test, and therefore the turnaround time is generally faster. If your product review is time-sensitive, for a time-specific launch or a limited edition collection, then this needs to be disclosed upfront since Alison Sileo Hair’s editorial calendar is set weeks to months in advance. Once a review is complete we will send you the review and social media links.
  2. We cannot guarantee that every single product submitted for review will be featured, and if a product causes a skin sensitivity or an allergic reaction, all testing will end, and it will not be featured on Alison Sileo Hair.
  3. Alison Sileo Hair will never accept money or press samples in exchange for a positive review. Brands who wish to impose specific guidelines constitute paid sponsored posts, and Alison Sileo Hair must agree to the content. Sponsored posts and press samples will be clearly disclosed to adhere to legal guidelines and to uphold our practice of full transparency.
  4. Alison Sileo Hair will never make changes to a review at the request of a brand or PR since we only give honest assessments of our experience with the products that we review. The exceptions are: the publication of an error about the product, a broken link, or any objective product information that is necessary for the review. Additionally, Alison Sileo Hair will neither submit a review to a brand or PR agency for approval prior to publication, nor will we edit its content after the fact.
  5. Alison Sileo Hair requires full-size products in retail packaging for the purpose of review. Sample packets and deluxe samples do not provide enough product for a meaningful review, and Alison Sileo Hair readers want to know precisely what they will receive should they decide to purchase the products featured.
  6. Alison Sileo Hair does not sell any products. Therefore, if you are a supplier offering Alison Sileo Hair deep discounts and wholesale pricing for products to sell, please be advised that your emails will simply be deleted.


Alison Sileo Hair is a personal blog written by me to share my views on products (including my subjective reviews of them), things I like, and things I generally find interesting. Hopefully some of my musings and interests will be helpful to others who have similar obsessions with makeup, skincare, and other beautiful things.The cost of all products and services mentioned in this blog are paid for entirely by me unless otherwise stated. Any of the views and reviews found in this blog are based solely on my honest opinions and personal experiences, and therefore may not necessarily comport to the opinions of those reading this blog. I chiefly write this blog because it is a fun outlet for me, and it is a nice forum for cataloging the things that I like. I am not being paid to endorse any products or services, and any heavy attention given to particular brands is a function of my love of their products.

Alison Sileo Hair does not represent, guarantee, or provide any warranties, express or implied, that any product or service reviewed and/or recommended on this site will be appropriate for your own personal body chemistry and/or physiology.


Affiliate links appear in some posts, and are clearly labeled as such. When purchases are made through an affiliate link the participating retailer pays Alison Sileo Hair a small commission, and is of no extra cost to the purchaser. Your purchase through the use of the links provided on Alison Sileo Hair helps to finance the operating costs of this blog.